#96: Sunshine -Robin McKinley

Let me be concise: Don’t.

Sunshine was a longish read that never really hooked me. Heroine that i never really could root for (and i’m practically addicted to strong heroines). Vampire battles and romances that feel bland. Lots of “magic” that should feel like mystery but instead just feels like vaugery…

i hate to be super critical (McKinley did actually write a book that was published, while i’m spending time writing a blog that get read by something like 3 people!) BUT… Sunshine is a HARD PASS for me. i can’t recommend anyone invest the time to read this one cover-to-cover. It left me wondering (repeatedly), “Is there ANOTHER book named Sunshine that got voted onto this list?”

Book Club of One score: F.

To throw some defense up for Sunshine it did win an award: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mythopoeic_Awards

It WAS also published in 2003, while Twilight was published in 2005… This demolished my initial reaction that it was written in that same vein of vampire-“your face fits on this heroine”- love saga that Twilight spawned… i would say this: if Meyers didn’t read and love Sunshine i would be thoroughly shocked, it HAD to be a source for HEAVY inspiration….

But hey, it won an award, enough other people like it for it to make the NPR top 100 Sci-Fi/fantasy book list, and it ranks decently high other places i dig around on the web… so if you’ve got days and days to kill and want that special “purgatory feeling” have at it!