Yuck n’ Yum pt 2

“Don’t Yuck someone else’s Yum” has become a standard litmus test in my life these days. In putting my own reactions to other people and situations in that scale i may have found an exception… Yum-Yucking.

Yum-Yucking- (verb) Yum-Yucking is the act of yucking someone’s yum. Some people enjoy Yum-Yucking to such an extent that it becomes their Yum. Those people become know as Yum-Yuckers (see Yum-Yucker in this fictitious dictionary).

People who’s “YUM” is yucking other people’s yum have become the exception to my tolerance for other peoples brand of yum.

Brace yourself for this:

IF your Yum is Yucking someone else’s Yum then your Yum is no longer protected by the principle of NOT Yucking someone else’s Yum. When Yucking becomes your Yum then (in my opinion) you lose the protections that not Yucking another’s Yum provide.  First Council of Yucking of Yums, passed down generations by sacred scroll writ neat upon grape fruit-by-the-foot.

Yum-Yucking has been around for time out of mind. Whatever the current flavor of “cool-kid” is at the time has always used Yum-Yucking as a go-to. It’s one of the things that i am making an effort to remove from my life. Goes right along with my effort to steer clear of Mean Humor. It’s a base reaction to despise without consideration something that another person finds delight in. This doesn’t mean that every Yum should be accepted. BUT if someone’s Yum causes no harm to others then what is the aim of debasing it?


If you want some background on these thoughts of mine you can see more here:

https://grasshopperking0.com/2017/09/28/i-love-dd-and-the-best-lesson-ive-learned-from-it/  (the end of that post is where i delved into Yum Yucking)


https://grasshopperking0.com/2017/09/25/mean-humor/  (where i began my journey away from mean humor)

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