Disenchantment: Netflix


i’m a HUGE Futurama fan (but the Simpsons get a pretty solid “Meh” from me) so i was pretty excited when i found out that Netflix was releasing Disenchantment.

i rolled into the series with pretty high expectations, it looked like Futurama, it smelled like Futurama, but science and aliens were swapped for magic and magical creatures! It seemed like a real win for me!

So, the first several episodes felt pretty weak to me, and i was filled with disenchantment myself… but i pressed on. It’s only 10 episodes long. The characters were unlikeable-lovable, like so many of the Futurama gang. Plus episodes are only 24 minutes long so they make great fillers.

Here i was, plodding along… disillusioned… a little disappointed…  and then…. EPISODE 9!

In my opinion the first 8 episodes are all just set-up for episodes 9 & 10! They felt disjointed and random but suddenly… it all came together, like making whip cream or mayonnaise from scratch. You don’t see it coming, one second its just liquid and then BAM its there! i have pressed on to the final two episodes of season one and in those two episodes i went from “let’s just finish it so we can say we gave it a shot” to “How long until season two?”

i know it’s gotten mixed reviews from critics and fans, but this fan is now on board!

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