Deep Space 9: my reflections


Let me open up with a clear statement of my position as a Star Trek fan, i’ve been on team-Next Gen for most of my life. Rewatching all the series pushed the original series WAAAAAY up in the running for me, with it coming in just a hair’s breadth under TNG. DS9 has always been the series that i liked the least out of all of them.

That’s where i’ve lived most of my life… but now… well, i think i’m team-DS9. The first two seasons were shaky but then you hit season 3. From season 3 onward the show just gets deeper and richer and better. The characters  run such an interesting spectrum and are so well developed. i rolled into DS9 with a mild fondness for Miles O’Brien but by the time i had wrapped up all 7 seasons of DS9 i was practically a fan-boy. i’m going on record as saying: any episode that centers around the Chief is a winner! His relationship with Keiko is so real and believable they could use clips of the O’Brien’s in marriage counseling.

Also of MASSIVE import was Captain Sisko’s relationship with his son Jake. One of the reasons that Star Trek holds such a special place in my heart is that the writers have always used Roddenberry’s brain-child as a platform to make commentary on relevant social issues. (that’s an entire post worth of material there, separate from this one though) When DS9 was airing there was some stigma (in politics and the press) about the absence of the African-American father. DS9 put a man of color in charge AND made him one of the most loving and devoted fathers that’s been portrayed in media. Even as Jake grew into a man and chose a different direction for his own life than his very successful father had Benjamin Sisko remained a loving and supportive father to his son. As a father Sisko is a role-model of fatherhood to me!


Let’s take a minute to visit someone who may be my all-time favorite Star Trek Character… Quark! In TNG the Ferengi were a reoccurring nuisance and little more. In DS9 with Quark running his establishment that was such a central part to life on the station they got a lot more development. i’ve been an avid table top gamer since i was in upper elementary school and the Ferengi are the best example of a Lawful-Evil alignment in action. Quark lives and breathes the Rules of Acquisition, but has enough character development over the course of the show that it’s great to see him struggle when he wants to do good for his friends even though there’s no profit in doing so.

DS9 is a great show, character development across the board is amazing, story builds on story throughout the series. DS9 also has an amazing series closer. It has heart-warming moments, as well as more than a few tear-jerking moments. If you want to chat about Star Trek you’ll find me on the stool beside Morn in Quark’s, i’ll be the one wearing the “Team-DS9” T-shirt!

quarks mug
Mug i bought to commemorate wrapping up DS9


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